Friday, August 11, 2017

Abandoned nets on Pulau Semakau, 01/07/17

Recently, a team of volunteers together with a few staff from Nparks did a site survey on Pulau Semakau for abandoned nets and collecting data on the net together with what is trapped in it.

The team split into 2 groups, each group helping to comb different sectors of the shore. One group who combed the mangrove areas found a few nets entangled with the mangroves roots.  One of the longest net found was about 25m in length. A horseshoe crab was rescued from it. Here's more on the operations that took place.

Another group that combed the high shore found 2 huge pile of nets being abandoned. The nets were heavy and required few person to carry. There were no marine creatures trapped in the nets.

More nets were found along the shores.

Details of mesh are as per below. This is a monofilament net.  It was hard to estimate the length of the nets as they were all folded up in one big bundle.

As tide was too low for the dinghy to come in to collect the nets we have no choice but to put back the 2 huge pile of  nets to its original location.

This was how low tide was that day, guess we will need to plan for a higher tide in order for the dinghy to get nearer to shore to have the abandoned nets removed the next round.

Once again, thanks to all who have helped out in one way or another in this project.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Huge abandoned net at Kranji (10 Mar 2017)

A huge net was abandoned wrapped around a mangrove tree at Kranji.
Removing an abandoned fish net at Kranji
The supergals -- Ywee Chieh and Su -- easily removed it. Fortunately, one small Mangrove horseshoe crab was released and we only saw remains of another horseshoe crab and one small crab.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

600m fishing net seen on Pulau Semakau (South), 28 Jan 2017

An approximately 600m-long fishing net was seen on Pulau Semakau (South) close to the Barammundi Asia fish farm there.
600m long fishing net laid at Pulau Semakau (South) Jan 2017
Here's more of what we saw.

Update: Eva Lim who works at Barramundi Asia almost immediately replied on the social media post about the net: "what you posted was indeed heartbreaking. We will like to work with your team to remove these nets, and perhaps help to monitor the area together to prevent fishermen from casting nets in this area." She will be looking to activate the farm team to remove the net, and keep an eye out to prevent such nets from being laid in the future. Hurray!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Net removed from Berlayar Creek (12 Jan 2017)

An abandoned net was removed from the mouth of Berlayar Creek.
Coastal horseshoe crab (Tachypleus gigas) trapped in abandoned fish net at Berlayar Creek
Two large horseshoe crabs that were trapped in it were released alive.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

30m net removed from Kusu Island (8 May 2016)

This is our first encounter with a net on Kusu Island.
The net was laid at the 'mouth' of a swimming lagoon that is full of corals. There are rich reefs at the mouth facing the sea as well.

Friday, May 6, 2016

200m net removed at Chek Jawa (7 May 2016)

A team of volunteers who were surveying Chek Jawa this morning came across a long net.
Thanks to many hands, we managed to remove the entire 200m long net and release all the animals that were trapped in the net.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Removal of long driftnet at Sisters’ Island Marine Park (26 Nov 2015)

A long abandoned driftnet, estimated 60m to100m was found across at the right hand corner entrance of the big lagoon located at Pulau Subar Laut (Big Sister Island) facing the Singapore Straits. This was first spotted during Marine Park volunteer guide training on 15 Nov 2015.

Although some leathery soft corals and corals were affected, no marine life was found trapped in the net.