Monday, May 22, 2023

300m fishing net seen on Pulau Semakau (South), 23 May 2023

An approximately 300m-long fishing net was seen on Pulau Semakau (South) close to the Barammundi Asia fish farm there.
300m fishing net seen on Pulau Semakau (South), 23 May 2023
It had trapped and killed 14 sharks and other marine life.

14 Blacktip reef sharks were trapped and killed. One of them was about 1m long, the rest was about 50cm long. There was also one uncommonly seen stingray, possibly a Honeycomb whipray
(Himantura uarnak). As well as other small fishes, crabs and hermit crabs. Full photos on flickr. The net was clean and looked freshly laid possibly at the most recent high tide some hours ago.
Barramundi Asia fish farm lies just across from where the fish net was found.
Here's a map of the area where the net was found.
More photos of the fishes found in the net by Marcus Ng

Abandoned nets have been seen in the area in the past.

In Jan 2017 a 600m fishing net seen here.

In Mar 2019, we saw the bones of sea turtle, still gathered in the net that probably drowned this air breathing animal.
Bones of sea turtle in a fishing net
We also saw nets laid out in the mangroves.
Fishing nets tied to mangrove trees
This was was about 50m long.
Fishing nets tied to mangrove trees
There were nets also tied to the mangrove roots.
Fishing nets tied to mangrove trees
Here's a video of the fishing nets I saw.
Fishing nets at Pulau Semakau (South)
Rajkumar was with another team on another part of Pulau Semakau. He also found nets which had trapped horseshoe crabs.

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