Friday, September 21, 2018

Abandoned nets at Pulau Ubin (15 Sep 2018)

15 Sep 2018 - With Nature Society Singapore and Restore Ubin Mangrove Initiative, a group of passionate volunteers took part in the International Coastal Clean-up Singapore which took place at Pulau Ubin (Kampong Durian).  On this special day, many people around the world were also doing coastal clean up.  This site was designated for mangroves restoration.
When we arrived, a small group of us spring into action in search for abandoned nets which were seen during the last round but did not have sufficient time to remove them.  On the high shores,  there were no nets found as there were some contractors who were there before us and had help to remove 2 bags of nets together with many other debris. (No Photos).  As we comb around the surrounding, we chanced upon a net, it was entangled and well camouflage with seaweed.
More photos...we need to act fast as tide was rising.
We found some monofilament nets together with some nylon rope nets. We cut the nets up and separated them into a few bags as they were rather heavy.
Good news, there were no marine critters that were trapped in the nets collected.  Thanks to all volunteers who had contributed their time and endless efforts in helping to maintain our shores.

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