Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Abandoned nets at Pulau Ubin (26 Aug 2017)

26 Aug 2017 - With Nature Society Singapore and Restore Ubin Mangrove Initiative. Volunteers helped in coastal cleanup and removal of leftover nets.  Some nets were found entangled with the roots of mangrove trees. Abandoned nets have always been a known issue for this area (Kampong Durian).
As the team combed along the coast, more nets were found. It was not easy to remove the nets, as some the nets were trapped among the rocks. Nevertheless, this did not hamper the team's effort to slowly remove the nets. Here's more on the operations that took place.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Abandoned nets on Pulau Semakau (1 Jul 2017)

Recently, a team of volunteers together with a few staff from Nparks did a site survey on Pulau Semakau for abandoned nets and collecting data on the net together with what is trapped in it.

The team split into 2 groups, each group helping to comb different sectors of the shore. One group who combed the mangrove areas found a few nets entangled with the mangroves roots.  One of the longest net found was about 25m in length. A horseshoe crab was rescued from it. Here's more on the operations that took place.