Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Abandoned nets at Pulau Ubin (26 Aug 2017)

26 Aug 2017 - With Nature Society Singapore and Restore Ubin Mangrove Initiative. Volunteers helped in coastal cleanup and removal of leftover nets.  Some nets were found entangled with the roots of mangrove trees. Abandoned nets have always been a known issue for this area (Kampong Durian).
As the team combed along the coast, more nets were found. It was not easy to remove the nets, as some the nets were trapped among the rocks. Nevertheless, this did not hamper the team's effort to slowly remove the nets. Here's more on the operations that took place.

Photo Credit: Lisa Lim
Yeah! With great teamwork, the net is finally out.
Photo Credit: Lisa Lim
Happy faces, when net was release out from the mangrove roots.
Photo Credit: Lisa Lim
On shore, some team members helped out in the net data collection. Fortunately, after checking through the nets there were no marine creatures trapped. There was monofilament net collected from today's trip as well as a 6.5m long nylon rope net. 

Photo Credit: Lisa Lim
The longest monofilament net collected was about 4.8m which could be the remains of an even longer net which we were unable to find this trip.
Thanks to all volunteers who have helped out together with their photos contribution. Let's hope next trip there will be fewer nets and hopefully, no marine creatures will be trapped too.

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