Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nets and traps seen on Pulau Sekudu (13-15 Jun 2014)

A small team conduct predawn surveys at Pulau Sekudu with permission from NParks, to check up on the status of these shores.
Loh Kok Sheng shared that they came across this long net on 15 Jun.

Kok Sheng says: "We contemplated whether to remove it but decided not as it was overgrown with algae and other encrusting marine life. It has become a habitat by its own and shouldn't pose much of a threat."

On 13 Jun, the team found a 50m monofilament net which looks freshly laid (no encrustations). It had a mesh size of about 10cm and there was only one Stone crab trapped in it. The net was removed.
Rene Ong shared that there were two traps. With about 5 dead Rabbitfishes. She managed to release one that was still struggling to get free
Here's a closer look at one of the dead Rabbitfishes.

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