Thursday, May 29, 2014

50m net with 40 crabs at Changi (29 May 2014)

A 50m driftnet was found laid on Changi as our trip ended at sunrise.
We removed the net and released all the animals trapped in it: 40 Flower crabs, 1 Stone crab, 1 sting ray, 1 horseshoe crab and 1 flounder as well as one decomposed fish.

It takes a lot of patience to untangle the crabs from the net.
One of the animals trapped was a small stingray 15cm in diameter (the scissors is 16cm long).
A look at the upper side of the stingray, thanks to James Chua.
Photo by James Chua.
There were a total of about 40 Flower crabs, mostly males about 15cm wide. Some were holding on to smaller females.
Photo by James Chua.
Photo by James Chua.
Removing the crabs from the net one by one.
Releasing a Stone crab found in the net.
Photo by James Chua.
A closer look at the net.
Photo by James Chua.
The net was removed from the shore and disposed properly in an NParks bin.
Thanks to Chay Hoon, Pei Yan, James and Kwan Siong for removing the net and releasing the animals.

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