Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Removal of long driftnet at Sisters’ Island Marine Park (26 Nov 2015)

A long abandoned driftnet, estimated 60m to100m was found across at the right hand corner entrance of the big lagoon located at Pulau Subar Laut (Big Sister Island) facing the Singapore Straits. This was first spotted during Marine Park volunteer guide training on 15 Nov 2015.

Although some leathery soft corals and corals were affected, no marine life was found trapped in the net.

Under the rain, NParks personnel together with volunteer guides worked hand in hand to remove the monofilament net just as the tide rose.
Collin from NParks in action cutting down the net
The driftnet and rope was heavily entangled in seaweed together with sargassum which incidentally is in season now.
Driftnets can entangle marine life such as seen here, a cluster of leathery soft coral falling victim.
Thankfully, the team managed to free it from the net.
More freed leathery soft coral.
Corals severely entangled.

Nets that have been cut up, were slowly brought up to higher shores for disposal. Before bringing the nets up to high shores, we checked for marine fauna trapped in the net. Thankfully in this instance, we did not find any.

Details of net
Mesh size: 4cm by 4cm.
Estimated Length: 60m to 100m.
Once again thanks to all who have helped out in one way or another in this project despite the rain.

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