Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cyrene Reef (22 Mar 2011)

A small team bravely visit Cyrene Reef in the predawn rain.
Among the tasks at hand was to remove an abandoned driftnet that was discovered a few days earlier.

The net seems recently abandoned. Large parts of the monofilament net was still 'clean' and not encrusted. But the net was brittle and starting to fall apart. Fortunately, no large animals were found trapped in the net.

After a quick survey of the shore for other marine life, the net was hauled out as we headed back when the weather turned nasty.
Thanks to Andy Dinesh and Dr Hsu Chia Chi for hauling out the net!

Fortunately, in our quick look on a small area of the shores there, we didn't see any other nets.

More about this trip to Cyrene.

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